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Supplying well-known and authentic beverages
Supplying well-known and authentic Beer, Spirits, Whiskey and Wine brands from all around the world to bars, restaurants, hotels, retail chains and convenience stores in Taiwan. We love to see smiles among million of customers we are serving daily with our superb products. 

Assist your F&B team and share experiences
Assist your F&B team and share an experience that we’ve accumulated over decades in this business to analyse the gaps in your product range or simply provide alternative brands that would add an “interesting” products in your menu or using our brands you would be able to create inspirational cocktails to your customers.

Full draught beer analysis and setup
Full Draught beer analysis and setup, including a pre install survey, then scheduled installation of draught equipment to keep it all running smoothly. We are suppling exclusively world class draught beer brands from our portfolio including: Estrella Damm, Paulaner, Vedett White, La Chouffe and many more.

Staff training
Cocktails bars and cocktails culture is growing in Taiwan and the region.
We have an amazing talents in our team that are a call away to educate your team of bartenders and bar managers in creating a fantastic and innovative cocktails and provide a “better” alternative brands to the main stream products.

Account managers
We call on your outlets regularly.
This helps us identify new needs, as well as share with your team our latest products and promotions.
Want to carry our products, call or message us today! 

Whiskey, Rum and Beer tastings
We are excited to share our knowledge and expertise with industry key opinion leaders (KOL) and consumers alike.
Follow our web-page and Social Media for the upcoming tasting events in your town. 

Beverages for events
From corporate functions, celebrations to Junk parties we have full coverage. 

Competitive pricing and the right product
Competitive pricing and the right product delivered on time. Full island coverage. This is really important

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